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Location Scores

Available in the US and Canada

Location Scores assess how good any latitude/longitude location is for various characteristics such as public transit quality, availability of grocery stores, and quietness. Local Logic provides the following Location Scores, which can be accessed via the /scores endpoint documented below. Note that not all Location Scores are available in all locations.

Location ScoreScoreName
Score IconPedestrian friendlypedestrian_friendly
Score IconCycling friendlycycling_friendly
Score IconTransit friendlytransit_friendly
Score IconCar friendlycar_friendly
Score IconParksparks
Score IconGroceriesgroceries
Score IconShoppingshopping
Score IconNightlifenightlife
Score IconRestaurantsrestaurants
Score IconCafescafes
Score IconDaycaresdaycares
Score IconPrimary Schoolsprimary_schools
Score IconHigh Schoolshigh_schools
Score IconQuietquiet
Score IconGreengreen
Score IconHistorichistoric
Score IconVibrantvibrant

GET /scores

Location Scores for a specific address can be retrieved using a latitude/longitude request.

GET /scores

QueryString Request Parameters

latrequiredA decimal number between -90 and 90 (Latitude)
lngrequiredA decimal number between -180 and 180 (Longitude)
keyrequiredThe API Key provided to you
includeoptionalScoreNames separated by commas. See a full list of ScoreNames above. If no names are provided, all scores will be returned.
fieldsoptionalUser defined fields separated by commas.
Available: value,text,name,description,category,icon.
Default: value,text
localeoptionalString value representing the language to return the scores.
Available: fr (French), en (English).
Default: en

NodeJS example

method: 'GET',
url: '',
qs: {
lat: 45.5656,
lng: -73.5656,
key: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
include: 'transit_friendly,quiet',
fields: 'value,text,description,category,name',
locale: 'en'
}, function (err, response, body) {
// See response example

200 - Response example

"data": {
"type": "LocationScores",
"attributes": {
"transit_friendly": {
"value": 4.5,
"text": "Good levels of bus and rapid-transit service, but low levels of commuter rail service.",
"name": "Transit friendly",
"description": "Represents the frequency and level of service of public transit",
"category": "Transportation"
"quiet": {
"value": 3.5,
"text": "A little bit noisy, due to many businesses and several bars in the area.",
"name": "Quiet",
"description": "Level of noise nearby",
"category": "Character"
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